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Hi, i8 Agents!

Welcome to the exciting world of Online Casinos! Here at i8, besides partnering with the best brands and ambassadors out there, we also value our partners a lot and want to share the prosperity with you!

We have designed a new program to ensure a profitable partnership with you that ensures a win for everyone! We understand that to be the best, you have to give the best! And we assure you that you will be getting the best by being an i8 Agents!

We have a lot of interesting plans lined up for 2022/2023 to make it an exciting time for all and look forward to growing with you to ‘Huat’ together!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Fees that I need to pay to join the program?

No, there are no fees for joining the program.

What is this program about? Can you summarise it for me?

i8 Agent is a program where you can earn commission based on the total active players (actively playing on i8).

How do I know if the customer is mine?

You will have your own Agent link for your customers to register an account on.

How do I know how much Win/Loss my customer has?

You will have access to your own portal to check on your customers details.

I see that i8 is available in many countries, in what currency will the commission be in?

The commission will be distributed based on the Country that the Agent is operating in.

How often will the commission be distributed?

The commission will be distributed on a monthly basis.

Where should I advertise/promote on?

We would recommend sharing it with your friends which we find is the most effective and fastest. You can also promote on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and so on.

What should I post on Social Media?

We will frequently share promotional materials with our Agents, you can also create your own customised promotional materials.

What if the member that I recommend is already an i8 member?

If the customer has yet to make any deposits, we will be able to convert them to be your customer. However, if they have already made deposits, they cannot be converted to you.

Can I create many accounts and park them under my i8 Agent account?

i8 will penalise any accounts that are found to be fraudulous or have any illegitimate behaviour.