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GD (GOLD Deluxe) the most ​​trusted Live Casino gaming platform Introduction

GD launched its Live Casino platform (GOLD DELUXE, in short) in July 2011, , which is powered by the GD software. They are based in the Philippines and currently employ more than 100 individuals. The GD platform has long been dedicated to online baccarat’s growth. Customers have benefited from their creative expert gaming platform solutions. As a result, they are also the leader of Asian gaming market innovation.

Well known for having the most beautiful dealers

The GD platform is known for its stunning dealers. Their online baccarat has a distinct personality. It boasts of beautiful dealers with the sexiest body shapes, most attractive faces, or kindest smiles. Playing live casino games while surrounded by gorgeous women gives players the illusion that they are living in a palace of beauties.

Has a diverse variety of live casino game modes

GD platform features a diverse range of betting services, including traditional baccarat, multiple baccarat, mobile baccarat, and even 3D baccarat. Mic baccarat is another game where players can chat freely with the host. After winning a bet, players have the option to extend the time or swap cards.

Innovative playstyle with serial baccarat

The minimum of two bets must be made for each game, with a maximum of eight bets being placed at once in serial baccarat. Serial baccarat is distinguished by the fact that it combines several gameplays (“player win,” “player win,” or “draw”). A minimum of two bets must be placed for each game, and a maximum of eight bets may be made in one go. The GD platform’s numerous features make the game more interesting.

Enjoy the GOLD Deluxe Live Game Room created by i8 and gaming companies

To enhance the game experience for players, we have collaborated with GOLD Deluxe to supply a variety of popular live casino games. Players can now enjoy playing with the most attractive dealers! We’ve teamed up with Gold Deluxe offer you a variety of fantastic live casino games.

More live casino rooms

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