i8 Sponsor Aston Martin Racing Asia Bring you to Watch Thailand Super Series 2022 Live!

i8 Sponsors Aston Martin Racing Asia & Brings You to Watch Thailand Super Series 2022 Live!

Promotion period: 26 OCT 2022 00:00:00 (GMT +8) till 30 NOV 2022 23:59:59 (GMT +8) 

Big surprises await i8 members! i8 is proudly the latest sponsor for the British sports car manufacturer, Aston Martin Racing Asia! As such, you will see an Aston Martin Vantage GT4 presented in the i8.co logo wrapping appearing at the Thailand Super Series (TSS)! Join our promotions, and you stand a chance to attend and experience TSS live! 

But i8 is all about being bigger, better, & faster! So, we are upping our prizes by giving away an all-new Aston Martin Vantage GT4 during the World Cup Qatar 2022 to one (1) lucky winner! No other online gaming platform has done this! Join now to win!


Prize(s) Quantity
Thailand Super Series ( TSS ) Live Experience ( 8 – 11 DEC ) & SGD1,888 Travel Expense 30

Promotion Participation

  1. New or current i8 members may join the promotion. Each member gets one (1) lucky draw upon reaching a valid betting amount of SGD300 during the promotion period. The higher the accumulated valid betting amount, the higher the chances of winning.
  2. Each member is eligible to join the lucky draw upon.
    (i) Reaching the valid betting amount.
    (ii) Filling up the lucky draw participation form.
    Only a one-time (1 time) registration is required. Eligibility will remain active only during the promotion period.
  3. The winners of this lucky draw will be announced on 02 DEC 2022 before 18:00 on the i8 website.
  4. i8 will contact the winners and arrange for prize delivery after the promotion concludes.
  5. The prizes are not exchangeable for cash, other equivalent items, or items of a higher price.
    *Winners are obliged to cooperate with i8 for any shooting for advertising, marketing, promotional, and video uses.

《Terms & Conditions》

  1. The promotion is limited to i8.co members only. i8.co reserves the right to freeze the profit and balance in a member’s account if said member possesses more than one account with the same (i) name, (ii) email address, (iii) IP address (or similar), (iv) residential address, (v) debit or credit card, (vi) bank account, (vii) computer, and displays abnormal betting behaviour.
  2. i8.co may interpret any bets placed through a 「robot」,「dual/multiple windows」or an illegal third-party software as illegitimate, and reserves the right to freeze the balance and close the account of the suspected member.
  3. Failure to use the bonus within 30 days after the distribution will result in the said bonus and profits earned being forfeited.
  4. i8.co reserves the right to inspect the betting record of a member and terminate, cancel or retract the bonuses distributed at any time if the said member violates the regulations and rules of a promotion or uses the bonuses for non-entertainment purposes.
  5. i8.co reserves the right to solicit relevant supporting documents from a member to identify said member’s identity on the subject of suspicion of misuse of account and/or eligibility for the promotion.
  6. i8.co reserves the right to freeze the profit and balance of the relevant accounts if any individual/team/organization, once verified, is suspected of fraudulent behaviour or uses dishonest means to defraud/abuse the bonuses.
  7. By participating in this promotion, a member agrees to the《promotion application rules and regulations & terms and conditions》.
  8. i8.co reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the promotion, including its cessation period and final interpretation without prior notice.
  9. If any form of illegal betting is detected, the deposit (including the profit and bonus) will be frozen, and the system will automatically clear the balance to zero (0).