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Singapore’s PT live casino entertainment Introduction

Playtech (PT) was established in 1999. PT has amassed a large following and is one of the most popular game suppliers as well as one of the major market players in the online gambling sector, with more than 20 years of accumulated expertise and self-improvement. Playtech, originally known as PT, was formed by Playtech in 2011 to manage its live casino games business. It offers a wide range of games, ranging from 500 to over 500 types, including all kinds of sports events and sports betting, classic popular video games, and fair live casino games. Playtech continues to conduct research and develop new games. For additional information about Playtech’s live game hall, see the section below.

The most professional PT live Sic bo dealer

Sic bo is played in a number of live game halls. However, Sic bo is taken to new heights in the PT live game hall. When you walk into the Sic bo game room, you will notice a television screen on the wall. The dealer will observe the current round through the TV screen aside from rolling the dice. It gives off an air of professionalism and provides players with a unique experience they haven’t experienced elsewhere before.

The dealer will explain the current betting situation in each round, including the ratio between bet numbers and people betting on them, as well as the four most popular and least preferred bet numbers. This gives players something to refer to when placing their next round of bets.

When the dice are rolled automatically, the camera will transition from the dealer to the computer desktop. The players can inspect the dice-rolling procedure with clarity until they are revealed on the close-up screen. The dealer will then go through each round’s probability once again. This provides a reference point for those who enjoy calculating chances.

4 reasons why players prefer PT live game hall!

Playtech (PT) is a multinational online gaming corporation based in the United Kingdom that trades on the London Stock Exchange. Since its inception in 1999, Playtech has continuously delivered and developed high-quality online games. They have since formed solid collaboration with other game operators as a result of their success.

Extensive servicing range

17 offices have been established in 17 areas all over the world, with more than 5,000 career options. They hold operating licenses in about 140 countries and are continuously extending their market scope.

Cross-platform management system

The IMS system is used by PT to unify and manage all of the information, allowing players to access and play games from various platforms using the same account. The game operators may use the IMS system’s data as references and a foundation for future game enhancements, making gamers more devoted.

Game products and software solutions

Players can use their single gaming account to access all of the features of PT’s product software, which may be used on a variety of platforms. With one account, players can access online, broadcast, mobile devices, and gaming terminals. The internet casinos available include online live casino, poker, bingo, sports betting, live games, fixed odds games , and many more. Every year, PT releases around 500 titles across 50 distinct genres.

Company strategies and visions

The goal of PT is to provide the finest online games and services possible to all customers and collaborating partners across all platforms. Their ultimate objective is for their clients’ technical obstacles to be removed, with their industry partners being placed at the forefront of the market by means of their common goods, platform, and content.

Understanding more about PT live casino games

PT live game hall has real Baccarat, Blackjack, two-table Roulette, Sic bo, and other thrilling live games to pick from. The clear and smooth screen of the live games provides a sense of reality that would have been absent if you had visited a land-based casino.


The game’s name, Roulette Royale, makes a clear statement that it is based on the real thing. A genuine dealer and a real Roulette table are used in this Roulette. The game rules are consistent with European standards. Players may select different tables based on their preferences. The style of dealers and the decoration of the game halls differ depending on the kind of Roulette played. Furthermore, betting methods vary somewhat across various tables!


The minimum number of decks required for a Blackjack game table is eight. One for every seven players and the dealer. The gamers have the choice of where they sit. They also have Japanese-speaking dealers, in addition to the usual English-speaking dealers. This provides additional alternatives to the gamers when selecting their tables.


Baccarat is the most popular casino game. Baccarat is a table game in which eight decks of cards are used and beautiful dealers deal the cards at each table. You may play different sorts of Baccarat games, including commission-free, dragon tiger, Suzaku, and several other varieties on PT. The betting methods are also very diversified. Furthermore, when you walk into the table, the dealers will say hello to you brightly!

Dragon Tiger

The user-friendly rules and simple gameplay have endeared the Dragon Tiger to many gamers. The players must wager on one side, either the dragon or the tiger, whichever has the most points. The Ace is the smallest point and the King is the largest. The card suit has no impact on card points. Other than basic gameplay, there is a secondary mode in which players can guess whether a card’s point total will be big or little, single or double.

Sic bo

Sic bo has very straightforward regulations. It only requires three dice, but the betting options are extremely flexible. The dealer will provide a point of reference for players following each round in of Sic bo with probabilities for the numbers appearing and the most and least popular betting numbers as well as a guide to the standard winning/losing amounts at stake.

The most professional PT live casino entertainment in i8 Online Casino Singapore

i8 is one of the most popular entertainment in Singapore. With the help of a reputable PT live gaming platform, they’ve collaborated to provide players with the greatest and most trustworthy online gaming platform. i8 and PT have a common aim of providing players with the finest gaming experiences possible through continuous improvement. When gamers come to their game hall, they want to keep playing; therefore, they aim to make them stay longer and play more frequently. Experience i8’s wide range of games today! You will not be disappointed!

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Apart from the well-known i8 gaming venue, you will discover many new game halls on i8, such as XPG. The hundreds of betting experts’ years of expertise and hard work combined with the network’s advantage proved to be extremely effective in producing successful games. Together, PT and XPG developed an online gaming platform that is fair, just, and secure for all players.